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The Prosper Police Department has generated its own version of the crime stoppers program. This program has been developed to assist the citizens and local businesses of Prosper and surrounding areas in providing an anonymous method of disseminating useful information to local law enforcement. Citizens and business owners prove to be a useful resource in providing information related to unsolved crimes and potential criminal activity, however, due to apathy and fear, are sometimes unwilling to provide key information or tips. This site is designed to take away any concerns of apathy and fear and provide an avenue to share information and tips that is anonymous and secure. Information gained from visitors of the site will greatly assist the Prosper Police Department and surrounding local law enforcement agencies in providing a safer community and a more effective response to criminal activity. 








Mission Statement:

It is the mission of The Town of Prosper Police Department and its employees, in a combined effort with the citizens of Prosper, to maintain order and strive to progress the quality of life through just, professional, and courteous service and law enforcement.



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